Network Solutions and I seem to have a disagreement as to whether I have already renewed my domain name.  Hopefully we will be back up soon.


  1. Korgmeister:

    Phew! I was worried that another one of my favourite blogs had mysteriously dissapeared.

  2. Larry Sheldon:

    I wish you had posted this at the blog that was still working!

    But I am indeed part of the "glad you are OK" chorus.

    {NetSol has a history of this kind of thing as near as I can tell. Hang in there, you _will_ prevail.)

  3. bbeeman:

    I've had five "incidents" with Network Solutions (over a period of years, and involving several commercial domains for which I was then responsible). They are incompetent and arrogant when trying to straighten out their records.

    Needless to say, I don't use them any more. For my current purposes I much prefer easyDNS, which, while not the cheapest, has provided excellent service for me for the last ten years.

    I don't think Network Solutions is the absolute worst out there, but they need to fix their accounting problems, clean up their dispute procedures, and spend a little on attitude adjustment on their customer service people (which are clearly insufficient in number to clean up after their accounting errors).

  4. tmitsss:

    welcome back