Giving to State Universities

A few weeks ago, I discussed how Ivy League schools came under fire from some leftist for not spending their endowments fast enough.  Obviously this guy has been a succesful adviser to Congress.

Anyway, one of the differences between private and state schools is not just that many private institutions get a lot more per alumnus giving.  Another big differentiator is how the money gets spent.  Here is a great example of private giving taking on the, uh, most critical challenges in public education.  Via Market Power.

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  1. Justin:

    I graduated from OSU the year they started construction on the new stadium. Not pictured in the video: the engineering parking removed to make room for the new west end and all the apartments around the east end they are apparently going to tear down and replace with grass. Who cares about students? Only alums can afford those nice suites. To be fair though, Boone Pickens didn't give money to the university, he gave it specifically to the athletics program so he could have the stadium named after himself. Vanity is not charity.