Climate Video Release!

My first climate movie, What is Normal?  A Critique of Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming Theory is now available for free download.  If you have the bandwidth, I encourage you to download the full 640x480 version as Windows Media Video, but be forewarned that the file is 258MB.  This is actually a pretty small file for a 50+ minute movie, and the full resolution version looks much nicer than the streaming version.

Right-Click Here to Download Climate Movie in Full Resolution

Right-Click here for full resolution 144MB .mov quicktime version of Climate Movie

Make sure you turn up your volume -- I think I recorded this with a pretty low audio level.

If you are bandwidth-challenged, or you can't view a .WMV file, you may stream the video from Google video or download a reduced resolution version here.  Unfortunately, to make the video stream effectively, the resolution is cut to 320x240, but having watched it, it still looks surprisingly good streamed. 

Note, on the streaming version, the video stutters between the 12 and 17 second marks in the movie, but runs fine after that.  By the way, thanks to all the commenters who gave me some good alternatives to using my own fairly week narration voice.  I decided for this first release I wanted to see what I could achieve with a pure solo effort.  Many thanks to Adobe Premier Elements, which made this effort possible.

Finally, you can stream the reduced resolution Google video version below:



  1. Ethan:

    I enjoyed your video and thought your section on climate sensitivity was great. It something so important but doesn't get a lot of coverage even by other skeptics. Also, I nice job on the part with Steve McIntyre and his climate work.

  2. JoeH:

    Great job! Having followed this debate over the last 10 years, I can honestly say this is one the best synthesis of the issues around AGW I have observed. No need to apologize for your narration. It would really be interesting to show Al Gore's production and then follow it up with yours and see the reaction, particularly those who believe we are on the precipice of global warming oblivion.

    I am a little hard core on this issue and beleve we must take a "no retreat, no surrender" position unless the science dictates otherwise, and to date it not even a close call.

  3. biil-tb:

    Great job, it's about half way between the science side and the laymen side. It's still complicated, it's the nature of the beast, but you have done a very credible job explaining the issue. I wish there were an easy way to explain it to the laymen, which is why the alarmist propaganda is successful, they hide in the complexity of sciense and rely on personality to sell their claptrap.

    One thing that just jumps out at me after watching is ... why isn't everybody pushing nuclear power? The obvious answer to a lot of the ills of man and energy. Even if you don't agree with the CO2 theory, it just makes sense to push nuclear energy for electricity generation.

    Climate changing is obviously too complicated a problem for man and all his computers to solve. About the only truth man has is, yes, climate changes.

  4. Magnus:

    I agree, great job! Very very good, balanced and well presented information on this issue! I promoted it on my (Swedish) blog...

  5. David:

    You could probably get this disseminated to more people with an easier Bandwidth uploading by making this a torrent and sticking it on a file sharing/torrent site (or a few torrent sites).

    That said... it looks like this is only going to take ~10 minutes to download.

  6. David:

    2 minute review

    1) You have a nice voice for narration... there is a small tinge of 'academic' which in this setting is a plus... but its not overbearing. Overall you have nothing to worry about here (I remember you lamenting you would have to narrate it yourself and you were worried about your voice).
    2) You've stumbled on your words twice within the first 2 minutes. I'm wondering if you can 'cut in' an unblemished replacement to fix it.
    3) I would zoom in on some of the regions of the planet through the hot/cold cycles and the viewer is watching the planet glaciate and melt. Either that or slow down the effect... after a while it got a little monotonous since I saw the same thing cycle over and over (about two times too many).

  7. Magnus:

    I think some good sound -- music -- (but it's very inportant to have the right stuff, level, and fade it properly) in some sequences which now maybe gets a little "silently boring" could ease up the presentation. Maybe it can be the solution instead of zooming. I can't se no good point in zooming the regions of the planet. I think the japanese are affected most when focusing on Japan, Canadians on Canada and I, myself, on Sweden. But the overall picture is the message. Is there any particular message fulfilled when it's zoomed into particular regions?

    But I guess some zooming ease it up like music... it remove a static boring impression (but it mustn't be streessful; too much...). I can try suggest some sound on particular places. I think it can be eased up with the camera moving & zooming too. But the basic content is very good as it is now. A few spellbinding Speilberg effects should make the cinema put it on their program. Just a few times too quiet I think (and that makes it feel the video is longer than it is?). The tempo is quite slow, but that's just good. Gives ppl necessary time to think and understand. (Propaganda doesn't do that.)

  8. David:

    2:40 minute review | Stated "Pink" layer... well on my monitor it came out purple. Admittedly this could just be my problem.... but I'm just bringing it up.

    Also the middle radiation wave where you show it being absorbed by more and more CO2 concentration... signified by the colored layer could be more defined. It seems to dissapear after the first layer... but my sharp eyes can see it fades and dissapears at the second layer. I'd suggest it be strong to the first layer... weak at the second layer and very weak to the 3rd layer so more people pick it up. If you don't do that... the extra layers don't really mean anything to 'the layman'. Essentially you are drawing lines for no reason.

    23:00 minute review | Good News. I've either gotten used to your 'way of speaking' or you haven't stumbled over your words as much. Probably a bit of both.

    25:20 minute review | Gah. Just when I say that... you really get caught up when talking about the Southern/Northern Hemisphere part. Same thing with Cosmic Rays @ 27:10.

    28:00 minute review | I'd show a graph stacking the Man-Made Cooling upward bar on top of the 0.6 total bar and say "They are attempting add these together to show greater climate change and inch the end result closer to their catastrophic temperature models... (or something). "In the game of US Football, this is like a running back stretching out the football in the desperate attempt gain yardage and secure a 1st down. Only they are clearly doing it after they've already been tackled."

    30:20 minute review | Blew it there with the slip/trip up in delivery. I'm going to stop now... there is probably too much to do with this (and you know about it already).

    40:25 minute review | "Lets start with the storms and severe weather..."
    You've got two pictures up there... hurricane and the iceberg... it would be great if you could zoom in on the hurricane once you say that.

    50:55 - 54:35 minute review | Faded to Black Video... should clip that off.

  9. Scott Wichall:

    Good video - I thoroughly enjoyed it :-)

  10. Larry Sheldon:

    [I said this at the "skeptic" site, but I suspect I may be the only one that reads the comments there.]

    I have some comments about the video and I shall not be hampered by the irrefutable evidence that I am not an authority on any of this.

    First and foremost. There is nothing wrong with your speaking voice. Crank the gain up and let us hear it.

    You might in the early part be talking a little too fast. Nervousness does that.

    The opening segment "flashes" too much for my taste--slow the picture cycle rate down a bit.

    Good job.