New iPod

The newly announced iPod, which is basically an iPhone without the phone but with all the same screen, interface, wi-fi, etc. looks pretty good.  The only problem I have with it (without having actually held one) is that the storage is pretty thin* at 16GB given that it is such a natural for movies.  Still, I can see having one of these for travel while keeping my current 60GB iPod for my music collection  (and by the way, new, thinner traditional iPods with more memory are also on the way.  160GB, woot!).  This is getting close to what I had hoped the Nokia 770 was going to be, but was crippled by lack of memory.  If they would make a folding wireless bluetooth keyboard work with this, it will be great.

* Spoken by the person who thought he would never fill his first 10BM hard drive add-in card on his first PC


  1. Anna:

    When the iPhone first came out, I thought I would really love to have an iPod with all the iPhone specs except for the phone capability. Now that the iPod Touch is out, I'm thinking the iPhone is really a good deal because it's like the iPod but with the phone capability! Ah, the vagaries of shopping decisions.

    I think Apple will have a very Merry Christmas indeed.

  2. Larry Sheldon:

    First PC I owned (and the first one I had custody of at work), an "XT" (and an "AT") clone put together in a sparsely-furnished back-of-the-mall storefront by an Iranian (I think he was) had a 20mb half-height hard drive.

    EVERYONE ("expert or not) pointed out the relationship between that size and the storage on some of the real computers we used and what an absurd waste of money buying them was. The "AT" was not down-graded because the builder told the company folks that it would cost more to get a smaller drive.

    My elder Palm Pilot has more than that.

    (I'm not sure the few MACS "marketing" was allowed to have had hard drives at all....)

  3. Rodrigo: too..the closes I've got to filling my hard disk was with my 40GB (I went to 34GB). Now I have a 250GB one (to think that when I read last year that there were 1TB disk I thought "who can want them?" and I'm already at 1/4 TB.

    The biggest problems with al the non-iPods is still memory...and of course..hte more memory, the more you want to put in.

  4. Bill:

    When I finally filled my old 40G iPod I thought I'd have to start "trimming". However, that's also when I learned more about Smart Playlists from Andy Ihnatko at Since I can only listen to a few hours of iTunes a day, I don't need my entire library on the iPod. Now I have plenty of room. Besides, how long do you think the 16G and 32G iPhones will take to arrive?