Bloggers Union

A number of folks are getting a good chuckle out of the suggestion from YearlyKos that bloggers form a union.  Many, like John Scalzi, have asked, why?

I think folks are missing the point.  At its heart, those making this suggestion are not bloggers who want to be in a union, these
are people who want to run a union of bloggers. They want the power and prestige
that comes from being able to say "I represent the International
Brotherhood of Bloggers." They are trying to channel the dispersed
power of bloggers and the trendiness of blogging (such that it is) and
aggregate it to themselves.


  1. Methinks:

    Leave it to Kos to champion failed Marxian ideology. The only word that comes to mind is "douche".

  2. happyjuggler0:

    Oh My God!!! The general public view of the rationale behind joining a union is to not be "exploited" by a greedy employer. Just who in blazes is supposed to be exploiting bloggers, a virtually 100% entrepreneurial group comprising the vast spectrum from, well, lovers of entrepeneurs to haters of those greedy SOB entrepreneurs?

  3. Jamie:

    Post-Union formation: Bloggers who don't have a union card are denied access to web space. Conservative/Libertarian bloggers don't get union cards.