Still My Favorite Abortion Observation

From Glen Wishard:

Make no mistake, then - the Supreme Court is no longer the Supreme
Court of past fame. It is now the National Abortion Tribunal, and its
members are no longer jurists, they are the Keepers of the Abortion
Toggle Switch.


Fig. 1A. Abortion Toggle Switch, closed.
Suction motors will engage.

As we can see from the schematic diagram above, the Abortion Toggle
Switch is currently in the closed (ON) position. The entire purpose of
the so-called Supreme Court, as current wisdom understands that
purpose, is to stare at this switch all day wondering whether they
should play with it or not.

Now this is a sad state for this once-great court to have fallen to,
and makes me wonder if we don't need another court to assume the
neglected responsibilities of the current one. Then the Abortion Toggle
Switch could be moved to some remote corner of the public's attention,
and the various abortion partisans could play their endless game of
Keep Away without buggering up the entire constitutional process.

One Comment

  1. CRC:

    I'm not sure that I agree that SCOTUS has been reduced in the way you have suggested. I do have my issues with this entity which used to honor the constitution more than it seems to now. Nonetheless, abortion is not a trivial issue and there are many people (myself included) that feel very strongly that this is a very basic and fundamental issue about human life and rights. Your post seems to suggest it is something rather trivial for the SCOTUS to be spending its time on.