That Vanishing First Ammendment Thingie

Via Overlawyered:

They're doing it again in California: "State and federal authorities
have opened an investigation into a Norco housewife, alleging that her
vitriolic protests against a high-risk group home in her neighborhood
may constitute housing discrimination." Federal officials asked state
fair housing regulators to investigate Julie Waltz, 61, who had
protested plans to open a group house next to her home for
developmentally disabled residents; among those eligible to reside
there under state law would be persons deemed not competent to stand
trial on sex crime charges.

Yes, you heard that right.  She is being threatened with a housing discrimination charge by the government for exercising free speech on a public policy issue.


  1. Josh:

    It sounds like my new "progressive" governor, Deval Patrick, when he worked under Clinton:

  2. Bob Smith:

    I thought you had to be selling or leasing housing in order to be charged with housing discrimination. Silly me.