The State of Academia

The reaction of the Duke faculty to the alleged "rape" by the LAX team has been eye-opening.  The reaction to the student's non-guilt is terrifying.  Far be it for academics to let facts get in the way of a really good chance to sow some race hysteria.  (HT Maggie's Farm).  One bit:

Karla Holloway has resigned
her position as race subgroup chair of the Campus Culture Initiative,
to protest President Brodhead's decision to lift the suspensions of
Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty. "The
decision by the university to readmit the students, especially just
before a critical judicial decision on the case, is a clear use of
corporate power, and a breach, I think, of ethical citizenship," said
she. "I could no longer work in good faith with this breach of common

I am not sure what "critical judicial decision" she is referring to, except perhaps Nifong's disbarment


  1. Dan:

    Heck, who cares if it happened or not? It *should* have happened. And if a few people get their lives ruined along the way? Well, that's a small price to pay for yet another opportunity to tell a minority group that they're being oppressed by whitey.

  2. Technomad:

    Unfortunately, 'way too many of the professoriate are permanently stuck in the past. To them, every confrontation between blacks and whites is the Bridge at Selma, and every black leader is Martin Luther King.

    By now, the "institutional culture" of academia is so permanently Left-of-Center that they can make very sure that dissenters don't usually make it into tenure-track positions. Short of a massive purge (where have you gone, Joe McCarthy? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo-woo-woo...) I don't know what can be done about it. A lot of this tone was set by fossil 1930s radicals who got into academia during the Depression and stayed on, protected by tenure, until the 1960s.