It's D-Day

That's Dog-Day.  After 44+ years of leading a dog-free existence, my daughter has talked us into getting a family dog.  We go pick up the dog, a little white Maltese, in a few hours.  Humorous-to-everyone-but-me stories are sure to follow...

Update:  Well, that went well.  On the 60 minute drive from the breeder, the dog barfed twice, including one really nice projectile effort, pooped, peed, and had diarrhea.

Update #2: Here is a picture, proving that being cute can be a survival trait.


  1. smilerz:

    My kids have been lobbying for a dog a lot lately. I have a feeling that I will be joining you soon in the the category of "recently dogless."

  2. Kevin Brancato:

    Another reminder that I must insist on moving to no-pet building before it's too late.