Ramsey Back to OJ Mode

The Ramsey family is back to OJ mode, bravely searching for the "mysterious third party" that killed JonBenet, since the Boulder police have dropped all charges against their latest suspect.  OK, I'll say it, I told you so.  We just have to keep looking for the mysterious stranger who happened to know the Ramsey's were southern, knew how large the Ramsey's bonus check was, knew that Ms. Ramsey used the back stairs rather than the front to come to breakfast, had the balls to remain in the Ramsey's house for hours writing the ransom notes and arranging the scene....

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  1. Dave:

    Presumably you're implying some family member did it. I thought they were all tested for DNA and matched against DNA found at the scene. Further, I thought that there was no match between the DNA found at the scene and the family members' DNA.