Kudos to Jack Benway at Arizona Watch

I missed it when it first came out, but Jack Benway over at Arizona Watch has a nice post in defense of free immigration.  His point, as was mine here, is that the problem is the welfare state, not immigration. 

A prohibition on immigration from any source country violates the basic
principles upon which the US was founded "“ that life, liberty and property are
the inalienable rights of all people unless they sacrifice them by the forceful
denial of another person's pursuit of these same rights. These rights don't stop
at the US border. This does not mean that immigrants should not be screened and
naturalized and subject to the laws of the US. It does mean that the
artificially low quotas that place the current illegals in the position of
criminals by virtue of their presence here are morally wrong. These laws must be

And chaos will ensue. What about all the services these illegals use at the
expense of taxpayers? We can't afford this. That's correct, we can't, so stop
offering these entitlements and services "“ to everyone.

Finding this post helps me roughly double my estimate of open immigration supporters here in Arizona (from 1 to 2).

Update:  This issue is really a heated on in Arizona.  It has even divided the writers at Arizona Watch, with Bridgett disagreeing significantly from Jack.


  1. BridgetB:


    Please revise your numbers. It is actually 3. There are two bloggers (and owners) at Arizona Watch who hold the same view. In fact, I held the open immigration view long before Jack Benway.

    Jack: "In a rather rare instance, I conceded to my fellow blogger’s arguments."

  2. Kyle Bennett:

    Add one from Tucson. Is it also only we 4 who favor eliminating the entitlements for everyone as well?

  3. Chris:

    Bryan (or was it Arnold) at EconLog showed some correlation between states with a high number of immigrants and pro-immigration views. Is that not the case in Arizona?

  4. jim:

    Jack should be tried for treason at a military trial