A New Record!

Bank of America set a new record today.  It sent me the terms and conditions on their treasury services -- 48(!) full 8-1/2 by 11 inch pages with 10-point font.  Unbelieveable.


  1. Dave:

    What was it that Shakespeare said about lawyers?

  2. stan:

    I'm sure most of the document was about protecting your rights as a consumer. Rigghhtttt.

  3. T J Sawyer:

    Yesterday, I bought 3 boards at Menards lumber yard in Burnsville, MN. To get out of the yard, I had to sign their portable electronic device after checking a box that said I agreed to all terms and conditions on the sales receipt. I spent the next 15 minutes carefully reading the page and a half of fine print there. Hope the people in line behind me didn't mind!!! (The poor guy responsible for implementing this stupidity sure did.)

  4. Bob Meyer:

    It just shows what happens when lawyers are allowed to charge (and be paid) by the hour.