Sign of the Apocalypse

OK, well, maybe not the apocalypse but I do have some trepidations about being a year away from having teenagers in the house.  The most recent reminder that those difficult years are coming soon was picking my almost 12-year-old son and his friends up from the most recent Harry Potter movie.  Rather than discussing plot points or cool special effects, they were arguing about which girl in the movie was the cutest.  Fleur had several fans though my son seems fixated on Hermione / Emma Watson.  Cho Chang, Harry's first romance in the books, did not seem to have any defenders in the car. 


  1. Fred:

    Admiral Farragut Military Academy, St. Petersburg Florida.

    Just sayin'

  2. dave s:

    Yah, my 8-year-old remains utterly uninterested in the girls in the movie. I have been doing well, asking my friends whose kids are turning thirteen, "Thirteen. So, are you an asshole yet?"

    good luck in the times ahead.

  3. BridgetB:

    Your son picked the HEROINE of the story! He's a smart boy.

  4. Jim O:

    Don't worry Coyote, the first 47 years of raising them are the hardest, it gets easier after that.

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