Post-Katrina Price Gouging in New Orleans!

Gee, why isn't the Congress doing something about this price gouging in a scarce commodity post-Katrina?

    Burger King is offering a $6,000 signing bonus to anyone who agrees to work for
    a year at one of its New Orleans outlets. Rally's, a local restaurant chain, has
    nearly doubled its pay for new employees to $10 an hour...

    On any given day, contractors and business owners pass out flyers in
    downtown New Orleans promising $17 to $20 an hour, plus benefits, for people
    willing to swing a sledgehammer or cart away stinking debris from homes and
    businesses devastated by Hurricane Katrina ...

    "I'd say I'm paying two to three times as much as I would in normal
    circumstances," said Iggie Perrin, the president of Southern Electronics, a
    supplier in New Orleans, who has offered as much as $30 an hour when seeking
    salvage workers on Canal Street...


  1. Garland M Tinson:

    I want to report and issue of price gouging located at the apartment complex that I have resided in for the past three years that has a problem with the rooms on the bottom floor apartments getting water in them when th rain is severe and of course it happened with Hurricane Katrina. Well the building is owned by Don White and I have been paying 495.00 per month and know my rent will go up to 750.00 with a 750.00 deposit again and it is due in January by the 12th of the month. This to me is extreme price gouging I need someones help to report this I hope and pray that this site can help me if so please contact me at my email address which is or call me at 504 782-0085 I need help this has been a trying ordeal for me and my kids and I need help!!!

  2. libby glad:

    I have been in my apartment for four years. Landlord has sold. I am about to go thru the same exact thing on rent doubling. Where are the laws here? I thought price gouging in scarcity due to a disaster was illegal in 28 states. A home is a neccessity. Help!!!
    We need laws and we need them fast. Please cut the red tape and help us now or send info on what to do.