Scrappleface: Lack of Bush Eloquence Imperils Hurricane Victims

Very funny from Scrappleface.  Here is an excerpt:

Fears increased today among hundreds of thousands of refugees from the
hurricane-ravaged gulf coast as they faced a Labor Day weekend with little hope
of an eloquent speech from President George Bush....

One New Orleans man, currently living in the 'Plaza End Zone' section of the
Superdome as he awaits news of his missing family members, said, "I can survive
for some time with little water, no food and highly unsanitary conditions...but
if I don't hear some poetic words of comfort and stirring verbal imagery from
the president pretty soon, I'm a goner."

Read it all.

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One Comment

  1. joe:

    It is time to fire the government. We pay them VERY WELL and count on them to do what we can't.
    I am a republican that is honest and hard working and give to those who are working to better themselves. We have a self centered man in office who will/did do whatever it takes to continue his self-ish ways. I guess all those people in the south are not in his circle of friends. It is truly sad that a child like entity is incharge.