Missed Opportunity

I don't want to be too much of a Monday morning QB, but this sure is a missed opportunity:


The city declared a mandatory evacuation.  Why then did it stick tens of thousands in the Superdome, right in the middle of town, rather than evacuate them with the assets they already owned in quantity?

Some critics are calling it a racist plot.  If we rely on Coyote's Law, the most likely answer is incompetence and stupidity.

Update:  Junk Yard Blog has extensive reports on unused busses, including more sattelite imagery, local evac plans, reports from locals, etc.  Just keep scrolling down the page


  1. KipEsquire:

    You're confusing the transitive "evacuate" with the intransitive "evacuate" -- "they" didn't evacuate anybody to the Superdome. They merely told people to evacuate themselves, period. Then, later, they told people who were unable or unwilling to evacuate themselves to at least get to the Superdome. But they didn't "stick" anybody there.

  2. Lyn:

    Fox has reported on one young man who stole a school bus, drove to his neighborhood and loaded about 60 or more people on it - on Monday! After the hurricane but before anyone noticed the flooding (you know, when NO officials were patting themselves on the back). He drove to Houston. Too bad there weren't a few more "looters" like that.