Do People Want Regulation?

Advocates of the statist web of regulation in California argue that this mass of government control makes California a more desirable place to live.  Andy Roth asks, does it?

Some high income earners are
California because of its punitive tax rates. Could low- and
middle-income workers be leaving as well? One crude measure is to examine the
one-way rental rates for U-Haul vans. Using U-Haul's website, I queried a one-way rental for a 10-foot van
for October 1st, 2005.


One-Way Trip Price
Los Angeles to Las Vegas $454.00
Las Vegas to Los Angeles $119.00

One Comment

  1. Brad Warbiany:

    I'd probably be in the high-middle earner class (engineer, but only 5 years out of school). I got out, and quick. The regulation leads to high gas prices and is a factor in high real estate prices. Of course, the taxes are high and the schools suck, which is of course also the fault of state government. That, and the people who live in Southern California make me homicidal, so I needed to escape. I landed in Marietta, GA, and haven't looked back since.