Did Google Change Their Ranking Algorithm Again?

Suddenly, over the last several days, this site has seen a huge increase in Google search hits.  These hits are on a wide variety of articles, and not one in particular.  In following back the search terms on some of these hits, its strikes me that my blog is suddenly oddly high on some search terms that have never hit in the past (by this I mean, higher even than the historical over-ranking of blogs that occurs on Google).  I know that Google changes their algorithms from time to time without notice.  Anyone know if this happened recently.


  1. Paul:

    More likely more people are linking to your site. Which has boosted your pagerank.
    There is a way to check your pagerank. Check out googlehacks.

    I found your blog via carnival for capitalists some time back. Recommended a workmate to check it out, he found it very interesting. Considering he is not a big fan of blogs I suspect it was more the content.

  2. Jim Bursch:

    I've also experienced a significant change in google search results the last few days -- except in the opposite direction. My blog (West L.A. Online) used to be at the top of search results for "West Los Angeles news" -- now it's nowhere to be found. It comes up #2 on MSN Search.

    Something's up, but I haven't been able to find any news.