OK, this is Weird

I resisted blogging about it when a woman claimed to have found a human finger in her Wendy's chili.

I was tempted to blog when it was discovered that the woman had a suspicious history of torts against other restaurants and public companies.

I still held out when authorities began searching the woman's home, supposedly to find evidence that she put the finger in herself, perhaps from her dead grandmother's hand.

However, I just can resist this new addition to the story:

A woman who lost part of her finger to a leopard in Nevada thinks it
somehow ended up in a bowl of chili in a California Wendy's.

lawyer says Sandy Allman wants to participate in any DNA test on the
finger. The lawyer says Allman last saw her digit packed in ice in a
Las Vegas emergency room. Doctors had told her it couldn't be

The hospital says it can't account for the three-quarter-inch fingertip.

Vegas resident Anna Ayala claimed she found an inch and a-half
fingertip in her chili about a month after the leopard attack.

Update: Unfortunately, authories are now leaning away from the leopard story.  Have they checked Roy Horn?


  1. Michael H.:

    Many years ago, I went with a friend to an italian restarant. While my friend was eating his food, he suddenly spat out something. "Gross!" he exclaimed. It turned out to be chewing gum.

    We complained to the waiter and then the manager came over. He went to the kitchen to find out who was chewing gum. He came back and declared that the cook could not have chewed the gum because he did not have teeth.

    I replied, "My God! Whose meal did those wind up in?"

  2. Taylor:

    Are you sure it wasn't a coyote that bit it off? ;)