Slowest "High Speed" Connection of All Time

I have a couple of hours down time here at the hotel and was hoping to catch up on a little blogging.  Unfortunately, while the hotel has wireless Internet, it turns out to be the slowest connection of all time.  I finally switched to dial up and got a substantial speed improvement.  At my computer, I actually get a pretty strong wireless signal with a "11.5 MBPS" speed, so I presume there is another bottleneck further up the line.  My guess is that they are using a wireless repeater system and one of the jumps has a bad connection.  Actually, I am surprised this does not happen more often.  Today I am at the Red Lion in Redding, CA, which I will certainly avoid in the future.  I usually go with Hampton Inn, because I have always been happy with their high-speed service and Internet connectivity is more important to me than how nice a bed I get.

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