My 11-Year-old on Freedom and America

My son had a class project to take pictures of things that represented the good things about America, as well as some of its problems.  He did it pretty much on his own, and I only really saw it when it was done.  Most pictures were pretty typical of such kids' products (a flag, statue of liberty, pretty mountains) while a couple were fairly typical of my son (of eleven pictures, two were of professional baseball stadiums).  There was one picture I thought, while probably the most prosaic, was, with his caption, the most powerful.  Though its a bit over-dramatic, I actually am pleased that he understands just how different other countries can be (grammar needs some work):


Caption:  "People sitting and eating and
joking around that is freedom, not being forced into a wall with a gun at your

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  1. BridgetB:

    --Chip off the old block :).

    That's wonderful. That is exactly what I think about when I go to the mall. Hahaha. Too much "Ayn Rand" in my head.

    I love it.