Reality is Nuttier than the Onion

Please, someone tell me this is a hoax or an urban legend or something.  But it does appear to be a legit Reuters story (via Reason):

The U.S. military rejected a 1994 proposal to develop an "aphrodisiac" to spur homosexual activity among enemy troops but is hard at work on other less-than-lethal weapons, defense officials said on Sunday.

The idea of fostering homosexuality among the enemy figured in a declassified six-year, $7.5 million request from a laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio for funding of non-lethal chemical weapon research.

I am speechless.


  1. dearieme:

    They probably thought that it would make it easier to kill two guys with one bullet.

  2. Sammler:

    Well, it's only from "Reuters". I would await "confirmation".