Apparently the Old HydroInfra Scam is Back With a New Name

Years ago I wrote about a scammy company that claimed to be making HydroAtomic Nano Gas (HNG) that they claimed to be the solution to a wide range of environmental problems.  They used pseudo-scientific words strung together at random to try to impress non-scientific environmentalists to invest in their company (it works for Elon Musk, so why not?)  Go read the old article for a good laugh.

A reader sent me a note today that this reader had lost a bit of money in this scam and had friends who "lost their house" investing in this honeytrap.  The reader tells me that apparently HydroInfra is back with another name, at a company called HydroNano Infra Power (same great name, now with even more nano!)  Their science is even harder to critique than the old HydroInfra page, as they have even less detail about the supposed chemistry they are claiming.  But everything that is there is just a word salad of jargon meant to impress the scientifically uneducated.  Here is an example (sorry, no text on the site, only scans from a physical brochure).  Click to enlarge.

By the way, I love the Hollywood-esque equipment, obviously stitched together for this picture from everyday items, nearly as ridiculous-looking as the guy carrying the ice cream freezer through Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back.  I bet if we crowdsourced the effort, we could figure out where each of these pieces came from.

Apparently, according to the reader, it is difficult to get legal action taken against even obviously-fraudulent companies.  I can't confirm that, but it does appear these guys are still going strong.