Let's Send Kathleen Sebelius to Run the NSA

We can't seem to get Congress or the President to ban domestic spying on our emails and phone records, so let's let Kathleen Sibelius run the NSA.  Let's make sure she takes personal control of the development of new computer systems.  We will be safe for decades.


  1. mesaeconoguy:

    Good God man, are you insane?

    This would be the 1 thing she would get right, or actually wrong, and we’d all have KathyVision running on our desktops. And then it would crash everything, bringing the country to a grinding halt.

    On a side note, my system crashed yesterday, and needed to do diagnostic reboot, and had major issues, expunged whole directories.

    I seriously hope none of that stuff is Trojan horses planted by these idiots, but at this point, nothing would surprise me.

  2. MNHawk:

    Well, her degree in Political Science certainly would qualify her to design the largest of databases.

  3. Another_Brian:

    I think it was David Friedman who recently pointed out how clearly the administration's priorities are displayed by looking at the commentary after last year's election about how well the Obama campaign's re-election website worked and comparing it to the current commentary about how horribly the ACA website works.

    I suspect whoever was put in charge of the NSA would have the budget, manpower, and incentives to make that system work right.

  4. kofifik16:

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