Quote of the Year

This should be inscribed over the entrance to the Capitol building:

Salutatory goals and creative drafting have never been sufficient to offset an absence of enumerated powers

Unfortunately, they often have.  From the Virginia ruling on the health care bill.

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  1. caseyboy:

    An encouraging development, but a long way to go. I have hope with the 4th Circuit. They found in favor of a group wanting to distribute Bibles in public high schools in WV. The court seems to read the Constitution carefully. In the case of the Bibles they were able to discern that allowing someone to pass out Bibles does not establish a state/national religion and therefore does not breech the Establishment Clause. The separation of church and state is a legal construct from a 1947 supreme court case. That court parsed the first amendment to suite their needs in that case, just like an earlier supreme court parsed the Commerce Clause. A court would have to do more than parse the Commerce Clause to accommodate Obamacare. They'd have to contort that clause beyond all recognition. I think we are going to be okay with the 4th Circuit. Let us Pray that is the case.