The Line of People Waiting to Kiss Sheriff Joe's Ass Just Floors Me


With the amount of attention Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has brought to his 78th birthday, you might think he's a 16-year-old girl.

First he "tweeted" that he needed ideas on how to celebrate his birthday. Then he claimed his special day was "ruined" because a blind-advocacy group uninvited him to speak at their convention. And now he's lending the occasion to J.D. Hayworth for the Senate hopefuls "Biggest Best Dang Birthday Bash" -- a fundraiser for Hayworth/ birthday party for America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff."...

The event will be held tomorrow -- nearly a week after Joe's actual birthday -- and for a mere $35 you could celebrate Joe's big day with Arpaio and Hayworth at The Silver Spur Saloon and Eatery in Cave Creek.

Or, with the flick of a match, you could set $35 on fire -- if given the choice, we'd prefer the latter.


  1. Mark:

    I think it would be pretty cool to meet Joe for $35.

    Too bad I don't live in Arizona.

  2. Evil Red Scandi:

    Are you certain his Twitter account wasn't hacked by Paris Hilton?

  3. Ted Rado:

    Warren, I agree that Sheriff Arpaio is a bull in the china shop, but he serves a useful purpose. He is one of the VERY few people who are trying to do something about the flood of illegal immigrants. If the Government (Obama et al) did the job they were sworn to do, we wouldn't have the problem and all the nasty arguments would go away. I don't have a good solution for dealing with the millions of illegals in the country, but we MUST close the border. The amnesty idea is nonsense; it just encourages the next wave to come in. Regardless of what solution to the 12 MM illegals is finall adopted, closing the border is essential. Hence, the Sheriff and Governor are serving a useful purpose keeping the heat on th US government.

  4. bob:

    Will there come a day when miss Sheriff Joe? Be careful for what you wish.

  5. tomw:

    While I think it might be dangerous to get between Sheriff Joe and a TV camera, I must applaud the sentiment behind the blowhard activity. As Franklin noted, make the poorhouse uncomfortable and it will be less crowded, to paraphrase.
    Make incarceration less comfortable, and there will be less of it.
    If the US had immigration laws like Mexico, would there be more or less of an illegal immigrant situation? Is it unreasonable to enforce the laws currently on the books?
    A less contentious solution is to enforce employer verification laws. Or enact Mexican laws...

  6. Cilla Mitchell, Galveston, Texas:

    I would kiss his ass, for nothing.

  7. tempebamafan:

    i couldn't disagree with a lot what you write more, but this however? not at all. my friend Preston died in tent city. his cellmate told the guards he was not waking up and that something was wrong with him at 6 in the morning. Prestons boss called the jail 3 times between 8 am and 11 am when he didn't show up for work. according to joe's internal investigation, the guards "discovered" Preston dead sometime after noon that day. Preston was alive but non responsive when his cell mate alerted the guards. sheriff joe and his goons stood idly bye while my friend died a lonely miserable death in the May heat. fuck sheriff joe and fuck anyone who supports him.