Neal Stephenson On Target

Written in 1993 before the vast majority of us had even heard of the Internet, Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash continues to seem prescient.  Check this out.  Folks who have played MMRPG's  (I played Asheron's Call for years) will know that this online second society with virtual assets that have real value has been around for a while.

I'm just hoping I don't start speaking in tongues... ba na vo ta no la ma si go


  1. Kyle Bennett:

    I joined SL about three months ago. Haven't been on in a few weeks due to the holidays and the fact that doing anything productive actually takes a bit of an investment in time. I have high hopes for it though, with the real estate investment and scripting in particular.

    It's uncanny how real the interaction is, even without sophisticated body language. It took a scripting class for 90 minutes each of five days in a row, and the commitment to be there on time and see it through seemed as real as if it were a RL class. And the quality of the class was much higher than any text-based seminiars or workshops I've participated in.

    At it's least its a more immersive variety of chat room - at the other extreme it's a real community with all the benefits and all the problems of real communities, and with the physical body abstracted away. To me, it's part academic exploration of this kind of interactions, and part potentially real financial opportunity.

    They have a lot of growing pains, bad enough that if they don't get fixed, the project will fade away, but I have high hopes they will get past them.

    BTW, just finished BMOC, and - WOW. I started it with the intention of only reading a chapter or two that day, and finished it in one sitting (except to break for Christmas dinner.) Very nice work. I'll be mentioning it at my place in the next day or two.

  2. umesh patil:

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