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BMOC, Chapters 3 and 4

In what is becoming a Thursday night tradition, I am posting the next two chapters, numbers three and four, of my book BMOCThe first two chapters were posted here.  The next chapters after these are here.  Before we start, here are some of the "reviews":

is this guy?  You're not allowed to portray lawyers in novels as
anything but dedicated warriors for the common good.  In the words we
teach all of our clients when they are suing for millions over
spilled coffee, "Ëœit is not about the money.'  We hate this book,
and if you read it, we will sue you."

America's tort lawyers

Meyer person obviously never read the instruction manual for writing
novels.  Journalists are supposed to be brave and honest, while
corporations are supposed to be evil and rapacious, not the other way

Other modern novel writers

not that bad here."

The Harvard University administration

was kind of proud that Warren wrote a novel, but then I read it and
saw the dirty stuff and all the bad words.  Now I am really

Warren's mother

are shocked that anyone would imply that our legislative efforts are
aimed more at helping favored political supporters than championing
the common man."


is what he was doing at the office instead of driving the kids to
soccer?  Writing a novel? I thought he was doing work!"

Warren's wife

was never my student.  I swear.  Don't even think about blaming
this on me."

Warren's high school English teacher

And now, chapters three and four:

chapter three

It was one
of those rare, perfect weather days in New York City "“ sunny and 70
degrees.  A few weeks from now, it would be slit-your-throat weather,
so hot and humid that the grime from the surrounding buildings would
seem to leech into your pores.  On a beautiful day like this,
everyone was in a better mood, and New Yorkers could almost creep up
the attitude scale to "human".  Now, it wasn't like they would
smile at you and wish you a good day, but it did mean that if you
keeled over unconscious in the middle of the sidewalk, someone might
check on you rather than just stepping over your body on their way to

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