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A Deadly Trend the Government Should Do Something About

Yesterday, 114-year old Mamie Rearden died in South Carolina.  This just a month after the death of 115-year-old Dina Manfredini of Iowa.

Obviously something is killing off 114+ year old Americans, and the government needs to investigate.  These two poor women represented a huge percentage of the American 114+ year old population, both dead inside a single month.

If this plea seems absurd, it is.  But no more absurd than the near-constant pleas for government action based on other tail-of-the-distribution random events.  Heck, at least I had two data points to falsely declare a trend.  Those claiming a "trend" in mass shootings from Sandy Hook or in extreme climate from Hurricane Sandy are extrapolating a trend from only a single data point.

OMG, I never even realized -- that's another deadly trend -- things named Sandy!  When will Congress act?