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My New Novel BMOC Now at Amazon

BMOC by Warren Meyer

Just in time for the Holidays!  My new novel is called BMOC and its now available via  It's a lighthearted mystery that my test readers have found to be engaging and funny.  Frequent readers of this site will not be surprised that I turn many stereotypes of modern fiction upside down.  A corporate CEO who's actually a good person?  You can't do that -- You'll get thrown out of the writers guild!

In one sentence, the novel features a quirky corporate CEO and his summer intern Susan Hunter, who must save their startup company named BMOC from the ravages of tort lawyers, a corrupt Senator, and an out-of-control media while solving the murder of an innocent young girl.

Sounds like a typical day of blogging here at Coyote Blog.  Except for the dead girl part.  I think folks  who like this site will enjoy it.

The price at Amazon is not great -- I am still hoping they will put a discount on it.  You can also buy a copy here cheaper, but the shipping options are much worse than Amazon's.  For those of you who are cool with digital technology, you can download a pdf for a bit over three bucks.  The best deal of all is that you can preview the first several chapters gratis here.  Finally, I have set up a web site with more information about the book here.  (UpdateB&N has a bit better price if you are a member)