Update on the State of the World

The sun rises in the east, politicians love pork, and my bracket sucks, again. 

The current bracket challenge leaders are as follows:

BracketRankPointsCorrect GamesUpset Risk %Possible Games
Michael Lindsey11004718.650
Lincoln Beachey2984816.349
Rob Nieweg3974914.151
Jeff Haught4964427.047
Thomas Roeschlein5934711.750
Bob Woodfield6934411.346
Zak Barron7934318.846
Joe Sandusky8904713.550
Darren Munford9904515.147
Coleen Eicher1188478.950
Richard Pitchford12884611.749
eagles dare13864221.645

I have run the 8 different remaining scenarios, and here are your possible winners:

  • Rob Nieweg (2 different possibilities)
  • Skunk
  • Jeff Haught
  • Thomas Roeschlein
  • Eagles Dare (all the way from 13th)
  • Michael Lindsey (2 different possibilities, basically he needs the #2 seeds to reach the finals)

One Comment

  1. Barbara Meyer:

    Happy Birthday Coyote!!!!

    I am nestled at the bottom of the heap. My only victory will be if I can end up dead last. Next year I'm going to try the "coin flip" method. I can't do worse.